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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Mizou, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Mizou Community Member


    I want to hear oppinions about the 2 or 3 maybe 4 of u who tried out bard, some said so far they consider going bard in endgame for raids. so far my build is NB/Bard/Ranger with spending the points into

    11 NB
    34 Bard
    0 Ranger

    a little breef explaination why:

    the NB boosts combo generating attacks and follows up with 3 more points spent into non physical attacks which leads u to a 24% increase for cadence and so the healing is increased as well. as the 9th point i took the attack for 1 point and spend 1 more point into the finisher increase. this btw stacks with the bard increased damage for fury and wrath. later on i would add the slow and give the last points into the finishers

    ranger stays with no points spend, the reason is pretty simple, u get a passive ability called ranged mastery or so. this ability actually makes u switch to bow automatically, else u had to use the ranged skill manually + u get a ranged 30m attack and finisher the headshot. the pet to pve with is quite nice but not realy needed in pvp

    now ok we got an attack from NB at 20m range to slow down enemys but thats it. riftstalker would give us some way to get out of a hot zone asap and saboteur would give a bomb to slow down enemys...

    what else would be good, any one tested out other stuff ? i kinda realy like the spec i posted
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

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    Kammie Community Member

    Allstar you're prbably right for pvp and endgame, saboteur is nice option, but i think nothing will beat ranger for leveling, having a pet is second to none

    nice builds tho
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    Mizou Community Member

    i dunno, cant say yet what endgame pvp is like, if u need mana regen at some point for examble or not...
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    For Warfronts I don't think mana regen is a very important stat. For long drawn out world pvp thingys and pvp raiding, sure.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Yeah I had ranger for levelling, They were more end-game specs though
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    Chowder Community Member

    i also tried bard-rifstalker to make myself less squishy. you can increase heals on yourself by 30%, self shield finisher, shield on crits, and the first rift phasing skill is real useful.
    bard/riftstalker/nightblade would be real nice i guess.
    something like that maybe? i don't think i'd want full 51p investment in bard atm, though. the skills seem kinda underwhelming.
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    Mizou Community Member

    my recent test spec is

    all added % from Nightblade increase the bard spells it self - ofc this is no group spec, and i cant test the pvp soul right now but even then the nightblade gives so much support in % to your abilitys and even the few ranger 30m abilities profit from it. kinda insane

    this is some kind of spec i would choose even for groups if no one needs mana. u could also give 3 more points into nightblade to take twilight force + improve for the slow

    i just tried this to see how far i can go into nightblade to boost cadence heal, lets say a second or even third bard in raid who does not need manaregen but the bit dps or heal increase to help out the raid... this would be the build right now. btw melted skin on alpha and also beta isnt same, it increases your own damage by 5% not the overall raid so it applys to yourself only which stacks into all bard skills !
    twilight shelter ofc would be used in pvp or heavy aoe damage inc to rebuff motifs or something, i wouldnt use it when i plan to use cadence ^^
    if u go 21 points into nightblade u get even the 20 points smoldering blades as the second weapon enchantment

    i wish to be able to use the pvp sould and test arround a bit with it but meh, guess this one will be left for the launch :)

    edit: ofc u can choose 3x street smart instead of good health :)

    edit2: teh ranger pet with 0 points in ranger goes only to lvl 30 so marksman with the swift shot to catch up faster is quite nice as well
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    Mizou Community Member

    ok i made it even more crazy - another 10% damage for non physical abilities with this

    i took dark containment as well for crazy situations where some1 jumps on u or even 2 so u can take at least 1 out + u got the bard mezz and the bard aoe mezz so well this just looks crazy, i didnt spend 2 points into heat retention because a 20% chance within 30s to proc it is fine dont need a 100% chance (5 points) to make sure it is always up
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    You know I am gonna play a bard this Beta,,, me and Rodders are gonna be the server Simon and Garfunkel... hmm more like Simon and Trev

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    Bloodflayer Community Member

    Mage Necromancer is fast for leveling as well. Not that much burst as Rogue or Warrior variable specs but takes large group of mobs faster and smooth thx to the life it leeches. Mobs are easily tanked with the pet ;)
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    Kammie Community Member

    With regard to stats, are people choosing spell power stats, i.e. intelligence as much as they can to boost cadence and healing, or sticking with the bog standard rogue dex/endurance stuff? seems hard to get the armour that is decent for bard with the right stats for support play, thoughts?
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    Chowder Community Member

    cadence gets boosted by dex/str afaik, not int.
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    Kammie Community Member

    :O oh rly? it says it does life dmg so i thought int, oh well...
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    Mizou Community Member

    no int/wis or spelldamage will increase bard damage, tested it on alpha with the mage stuff and rogue stuff

    but my nightblade 22 points build is kinda insane, if its for solo i might spec it even further and forget about the raid heal ^^ 42% total damage increase for spells :) muahaha
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    Chowder Community Member

    but doesnt physical crit rate affect heal crits and cadence crits? they seem to occur way too often to be based on spell crit.
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    Mizou Community Member

    yep phys crit, str and dex increase phys crit
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    Kammie Community Member

    you mean increase music crits? :p
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    Chowder Community Member

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    Mizou Community Member

    we know since 3 weeks it is affected by dex/str - what we dont know is what is with motif of healing and coda of restoration
    also this guy says its a guide :) erm a guide for me is how to play not explain the spells, funny

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