ArenaNet Artists - Into the Pixel Exhibit at E3

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    By David Campbell June 15th, 2010

    Someday mankind will create some way to scientifically measure how awesome the artists at ArenaNet are, but until then, consider this as proof of their skills: Artwork from our own Daniel Dociu, Kekai Kotaki, and Richard Anderson has been selected for the 2010 Into the Pixel Art Exhibition at E3!

    The Into the Pixel Art Exhibition is a celebration of the art of the video game, curated by industry veterans and art experts. The 2010 exhibit will be shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo June 15 – June 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and features 20 works of jury selected art, including the incredible pieces of Guild Wars 2 art by Daniel, Kekai, and Richard that you see here.

    Congratulations, Daniel, Kekai, and Richard!


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