Are you interested in joining BOON in BDO?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, Feb 26, 2016.


Are you interested in joining BOON in BDO?

Poll closed Mar 1, 2016.
Yes, I am a die hard and would play with you until the day I die(ish)! 11 vote(s) 39.3%
Yes, as long as the leadership is that of old! 3 vote(s) 10.7%
Yes, as long as there are enough people interested! 1 vote(s) 3.6%
Maybe, I'm on the fence (I have yet to be 100% Hsulf'd)! 3 vote(s) 10.7%
No, although I might change my mind! 4 vote(s) 14.3%
Hahahahaaha, NO! 6 vote(s) 21.4%
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    Acina Admin Officer

    So, It looks like we might create a BOON for BDO. Yes a little late to the party (although it is definitely something that has been on my mind for a while.

    A few quick and dirty pointers:

    1. BDO is a buy to play game - think GW2 - you pay for it once and play as often as you like
    2. There is a cash shop, currently the cash shop is not P2W, there are items that are useful, buffs and boosts (all of which can be gained in game by another means, the in-game versions are better), there are also costumes etc,
    3. BDO is predominately a Siege Based PVP game, yes there is a BG, but as we have before we will look to focus on what we do best!
    4. We are a little late to the party, although I will throw up leveling guides etc in the private forum
    5. If you haven't already you have missed pre-order (sorry no 4 day headstart), later today (around 4pm UTC) normal orders will be available, this will give you either 1 day or 2 days headstart access
    6. Katiechops is going to play, but it will be me leading. I'm sure he will lend me the wealth of his knowledge about computers, BOON GvG/RvR history and other such useful nuggets of wisdom!!!
    Let us know if you are at all interested, we don't mind if you want to wait until launch etc to join up!
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    Rinel Veteran BOON

    bah! there's NO arena 1vs1 or 3vs3 (
    there WAS a 3v3 BG, but developers quickly discarded it, since it was awful
    =D). There's BG with random quantity of ppl (30 mins, u can join during first 15min, so it can be 1 vs1 or 10vs 10 or 45 vs 50). And it is
    not popular! but who knows mb it'll be popular in EU
    cash shop is not p2w, but if u really wanna play (not casual style) there's some stuff u HAVE to buy (around 60$)
    Guides are not problem. There's alot good videos on youtube. Have to spent 1-2h to understand basic stuffs + fast lvling.
    game is "sandbox, different activities, grind, more grind, sieges, owpvp, politics"
    Acina, mb u can send a mails to ppl? =)
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Last time I actually played there was :( I have fixed my post :p

    The hope for guides/links etc is to get everybody up to speed :)

    I will do that, not a bad idea, boon mail spam incoming :evil:
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    Rinel Veteran BOON

    i mean we can help with sharing good links if needed
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    So I love the looks of the game but the overall gameplay is kinda meh, and how end game work is totally a no go for me.

    Wish you good luck and hope there will be a mmo that we will all play for long time again! Now I will go own bots in BnS arena :D
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    Castspellar Community Member

    I will play it for sure.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    You have my sword

    at least until lvl 10, maybe even max lvl
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    Koja Veteran BOON

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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    Meh not falling for this again.
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    Law Community Member

    This or The Division, going for The Division as I need some guns in my life! :D

    With you all the best with this mighty adventure! :D
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Sorry, the game just looks too much like another Archeage and I don't have time or money to loose on it.
    Best of luck to everyone and I hope it does well for a long time, if only to make Anet pull their finger out of their arse to fix WvW
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    Sheebaa Veteran BOON

    Joining the game with 4,5 friends .
    U guys know the server you're gonna be on ? Would love to join the one y'all starting on.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Anyone has a code or something for me to try the game out? I'm still a bit on the fence on this game...
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    ZeXeTa Community Member

    Interested for sure! Played AION asmo on telemachus against you guys and it was really hard XD. unfortunataly my job keeps me from home for weeks or sometimes months so i cant play die hard ;( which makes it impossible to keep up. But I also would like to know which server BOON is going to be on, so maybe in the future there is a chance I can play with BOON ^_^.

    Wish you all a lot of fun in BDO!

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    Acina Admin Officer

    We have rolled on Jordine :)
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    ZeXeTa Community Member

    Allright thanks Acina!
    Starting tommorow on Jordine :)
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Cool :)
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    Paran Classic Guild Member

    I was be able to buy the big big package with csgo skins a few months ago. I moved together with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago... i dont have fucking internet until the end of march!!!... and now i have to read that boon start recruiting for bdo. Are there more bad news? :-(
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Dude, i feel your pain!
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    Rinel Veteran BOON

    For those who wanna play but didnt decide which class to pick

    Most of all - pick a class that you enjoy gameplay-wise aesthetically, and in general. It's a lot more important than picking an OP or "good" or "useful" class, since this game is about grind, and grinding on a character you don't enjoy is a pain in the arse.

    Warriors - would be the most tanky characters ingame, but, infact, they're not. When it comes to masspvp giants actually take less damage, get more defense than warriors and it's a "hidden" class mechanic. If you wanna be good at warrior - you have to get good at blocking and canceling animations. I would recommend watchcing videos from T1G Kinto here :
    Some of them are quite old, but animation cancels are important, so you'll have to invest some time
    In PvE warriors are quite bad. But if you're one of them GREATSWORD waiters - i can totally understand.
    MpVP role is mostly - protecting your DDs, or trying to control and kill few wizards/rangers in little groups.

    Berserker aka Giant - Basically this one is the tankiest masspvp character in the game. He's also considered to be the best PVE farmer after 50, as long as you get Vampiric awakening on one of your main skills (spin2win). In 1v1 PvP they can actually be quite decent, but it's the class that is easy to pick up, and not so easy to master. Most of times when you're a beginner you will fail at controlling your target properly, so you'll have to master timings on control skills, as well as your movement. Despite the common belief Giants are NOT slow, albeit abit slower than some other classes, they still have decent mobility that's mostly tied to their skills.
    Giants are the most important frontline characters in mass pvp, with their stuns and ability to spin2win down enemy siege buildings - seriously can't be underestimated.

    Valkyrie - considered to be abit stronger than warrior in almost any aspect, at least until that GREATSWORD. Relies on casting speed instead of attack speed, and somehow it's actually a melee-caster character. Valk's have more ranged skills that warriors, more knockdowns, and a lot more burst-damage. They have "weaker" shield (you can't block as long as a warrior does) but it regens faster. You can also move in any direction while blocking, while warrior can only go forward/backwards and uses up stamina to do so. Valk also has some party-utility (heal), but I wouldn't consider it a game-breaker.
    Feels pretty good in PvE (Shield Throw all the way),
    MpVP role is close to warrior's.

    Tamer - the only "pet" class in game. The best farmer period, until level 50. Properly awakened giant beats tamer in farm after 50. Tamers have good useful controls, decent aoes, some aircombos, and in general are high-mobility, high-risk, moderate-reward class. Tamer's ability to burst targets down is decent, but it falls off in 1v1 pvp the closer you get to 55, since our pet doesn't scale all that well. In mass PvP tamers are mostly used to recon, cuz they're so small, and almost imperceptible in ghillie-tree suit. During clashes they can get off a few pretty good aoe stuns, slows, and some other controls. There is a general opinion that tamers and giants should have a 2nd-gear build for mass-pvp that is alot more defensive, since survival of these 2 is pretty important. (so it's a 2nd set of jewelry, maybe even some adjustments to gear).

    Sorcerer - king of 1v1 pvp, even if you're not that good at class yet. The "entry point" is pretty low, and at high gear enchants 1v1 pvp generally looks like "get a knockdown - get a kill". Class is wrongly considered hard to play, when in fact it's not. However mastering your class and you combos will let you to be alot more useful in masspvp and survive alot longer. But in general 1v1 it's "decent sorc beats GOOD player on any other class". In mass PvP sorcs mostly take up the role of assassin, nuff said. Farming-wise i'd say they're low-tier when it comes to 50+, and decent while leveling. Sorc is NOT a glass cannon, cause of them FUCKING BLINKS, FUCKING IMMUNITY BLOCK ON ALMOST EVERY USEFUL SKILL and... yeah..

    Ranger - now this here is a true glass cannon class. High-tier 1v1 pvp for ranger generally takes seconds, and after that either you're dead, or your target. Rangers provide the best burst-damage ingame period. It's as easy to kill on ranger, as it is to die on ranger, 'cause basically one mistake will cost you your life. As a ranger you have little to no CCs (couple knockdowns, one melee-range stun) They're pretty good on PVE, although really slow until level 20, and still abit slower that you'd wish for until 41, but they scale EXCEPTIONALLY well with gear, better than any other class. You can actually feel every little point of AP you get, and how powerful you become. You chug mana pots all day erry day if you're doing everything right as a ranger, so that weight upgrade from cash-shop is a must if you wanna feel comfy. In mass pvp rangers are obviously one of the most useful classes, that provide tons of damage, both focused and AoE, and make or break castle sieges etc. If you like to do a lot of damage, rely on your skill to survive then ranger is your choice. Skill-wise - it's hard to master a ranger, there's a lot of animation-cancels, so they kinda resemble a warrior in that aspect. well, if a warrior could do damage, that is, ROFL.

    Wizards - I wouldn't exactly call a wizard glass cannon, cuz mana shield is OP. However contrary to popular belief wizards are NOT a support class. Yes they have party buffs, party heals even, but have you seen cooldowns on those things? Wizard is born to do some serious AoE damage, and I mean SERIOUS AOE DAMAGE. They're not even close to ranger, when it comes to 1v1 2v2 or 3v3 scenarios, but they really excell in mass pvp. And if there's a 2 or 3 wizards that are in sync, raining fire and ice down on enemy hordes - you can imagine what it comes to. That AoE burst is pretty strong. Not only that, Wizards also have the most annoying AoE slow in game (lightning chain) and it's also pretty good for mass pvp. So, unlike rangers they are catered towards Mass pvp only, while providing BOTH damage AND control in these scenarios. Playstile-wise wizards are weird though, and totally not my cup of tea. They feel slow as f*k, you have to be standing still to cast most of your spells, and each and every cast can be interrupted, so it's important to position yourself well. A good horse with side-step skill kinda mitigates wizards's low in-combat mobility, but since we can't cycle autopath in our version, I'm not really sure how long it will take people to breed decent horses, seeing as you can't level them up AFK, like you could in KR or RU.
    Wizard is a pretty good PVE farmer, and has great sustain, due to lots of self-heals, mana steals, etc etc.

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