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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Estr3, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Estr3 Community Member

    Yo hi all i was in guild with Hsulf on Aion and playing vs Boon Control, always have nice gaming with u guys as allies or against you so i'm asking are u recruiting for GW2? There's something apply or what to do for join you?
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Boon will be on Whiteside Ridge for the betas and you are welcome to come play alongside Boon especially in the Wuvwuvwuv.

    There is however, NO recruitment at this time. But playing alongside boon in the betas will obviously be a good boost towards a chance of membership when Boon decide to recruit.
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    tazzy4u2 Community Member

    Hi guys
    signed up to your site as im also interested in if you are recruiting. Im not however one to give in easily, I had my last job as I applied to them 3 times while "they werent recruiting".
    Ive played mmos since the days of a 386 processor with 8mb ram! (UO not EQ) Im now 40 and what I lack in teenage reactions I believe I more than make up for in experience, a bit like Clint Eastwood in The Rookie ;). To me knowing when and how to make the pro play is more important than being able to win a 1v1 dual.
    I work 4 nights a week so generally play casually a few hours on those nights before or after work then on my 3 nights off play fairly hardcore.
    While I play for fun and to relax and due to my job can only give what I consider a casual gaming time (30-40 hrs a week) I have a hardcore mentality. I play to win and if raiding expect discipline.
    Im a pvp player.I have minimal interest in pve, if I want that I turn my xbox on.
    I currently play with The Unnamed ( I believe we faced you in Rift ) but feel its time to move on. What they want from their memebers and what I want from a guild to me no longer seem the same.
    I will be playing an Elementalist in GW2 and unfortunatley am on Desolation for beta so dont think I can catch up with you guys during beta weekends.
    I understand you arent recruiting atm but hey Im introducing my application already ;)
    and there's the possibility of certain guilds ending up on the same server so I may get the chance to play with you guys and apply when game goes live and/if you open recruitment.
    Either way guys have fun in GW2, I know I will. I played DAoC and loved it, I played WAR and loved the concept and Ive preordered GW2 and enjoyed the beta weekend.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Once we have a release date we will look at when to open recruitment for GW2. In the mean time feel free to chill on the forums and catch us in beta weekends.

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