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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Saul, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Saul Community Member

    ArcheAge has updated it's skills page with a full list of skill definitions in English.

    In total you can have over 100 combinations.. :)

    Possible ArcheAge Class Combinations

    COM+FORT+DTH = Dark Knight
    COM+FORT+MAG = Wizard Knight
    COM+FORT+ART = Romantic Knight
    COM+FORT+CONJ = Tai Chi Master
    COM+FORT+WILL = Warrior
    COM+FORT+WILD = Wandering Knight
    COM+FORT+CALL = Champion
    COM+FORT+DEVO = White Knight
    COM+DTH+MAG = Envoy
    COM+DTH+ART = Martial Artist
    COM+DTH+CONJ = Master Combatant
    COM+DTH+WILL = Combat Envoy
    COM+DTH+WILD = Outlaw
    COM+DTH+CALL = Berserker
    COM+DTH+DEVO = Dancer
    COM+MAG+ART = Wizard Warrior
    COM+MAG+CONJ = Feng Shui Master
    COM+MAG+WILL = Tactician
    COM+MAG+WILD = Arcane Warrior
    COM+MAG+CALL = Shaman Bandit
    COM+MAG+DEVO = Honored Knight
    COM+ART+CONJ = Battle Music Conductor
    COM+ART+WILL = Pleasure Seeker
    COM+ART+WILD = Skald
    COM+ART+CALL = Romantic Bandit
    COM+ART+DEVO = Apostate Monk
    COM+CONJ+WILL = Seeker
    COM+CONJ+WILD = Mythical Beast Master
    COM+CONJ+CALL = Bandit
    COM+CONJ+DEVO = Mirage Master
    COM+WILL+WILD = Contriver
    COM+WILL+CALL = Politician
    COM+WILL+DEVO = Wandering Hermit
    COM+WILD+DEVO = Martial Arts Master
    COM+CALL+DEVO = Brawler

    FORT+DTH+MAG = Royal Mage Guard
    FORT+DTH+ART = Security Officer
    FORT+DTH+CONJ = Observer
    FORT+DTH+WILL = Protector
    FORT+DTH+WILD = Spirit Warrior
    FORT+DTH+CALL = Guardsman
    FORT+DTH+DEVO = Death Priest
    FORT+MAG+ART = Playwright
    FORT+MAG+CONJ = Holy Knight
    FORT+MAG+WILL = Guardian Wizard
    FORT+MAG+WILD = Engineer
    FORT+MAG+CALL = Scholar
    FORT+MAG+DEVO = Writer
    FORT+ART+CONJ = Schemer
    FORT+ART+WILL = Conservative Poet
    FORT+ART+WILD = Hunter
    FORT+ART+CALL = Fighter
    FORT+ART+DEVO = Guardian Warrior
    FORT+CONJ+WILL = Illusionist
    FORT+CONJ+WILD = Guardian of the Forest
    FORT+CONJ+CALL = Tai Chi Scholar
    FORT+CONJ+DEVO = Army Surgeon
    FORT+WILL+WILD = Watcher
    FORT+WILL+CALL = Hermit
    FORT+WILL+DEVO = Bodyguard
    FORT+WILD+CALL = Strategist
    FORT+WILD+DEVO = Guardian Knight

    DTH+MAG+ART = Ascetic
    DTH+MAG+CONJ = Wizard
    DTH+MAG+WILL = Dark Wizard
    DTH+MAG+WILD = Fortune Teller
    DTH+MAG+CALL = Grim Reaper
    DTH+MAG+DEVO = Sage
    DTH+ART+CONJ = Scout
    DTH+ART+WILL = Tragic Poet
    DTH+ART+WILD = Dark Musician
    DTH+ART+CALL = Political Activist
    DTH+ART+DEVO = Hierophant
    DTH+CONJ+WILL = Shaman
    DTH+CONJ+WILD = Feng Shui Scholar
    DTH+CONJ+CALL = Artificer
    DTH+CONJ+DEVO = Spirit Master
    DTH+WILL+WILD = Mythical Beast Hunter
    DTH+WILL+CALL = Interrogator
    DTH+WILL+DEVO = Apostle
    DTH+WILD+CALL = Assassin
    DTH+WILD+DEVO = Merrymaker
    DTH+CALL+DEVO = Author

    MAG+ART+CONJ = Elementalist
    MAG+ART+WILL = Vagabond
    MAG+ART+WILD = Adventurer
    MAG+ART+CALL = Buffoon
    MAG+ART+DEVO = Meditator
    MAG+CONJ+WILL = Dark Sorcerer
    MAG+CONJ+WILD = Naturalist
    MAG+CONJ+CALL = Dark Ascetic
    MAG+CONJ+DEVO = White Sorcerer
    MAG+WILL+WILD = Mythical Beast Expert
    MAG+WILL+CALL = Shadow Mercenary
    MAG+WILL+DEVO = White Wizard
    MAG+WILD+CALL = Sniper
    MAG+WILD+DEVO = Wandering Priest
    MAG+CAL+DEVO = Cleric

    ART+CONJ+WILL = Guru
    ART+CONJ+WILD = Archeologist
    ART+CONJ+CALL = Bounty Hunter
    ART+CONJ+DEVO = Healer
    ART+WILL+WILD = Savage
    ART+WILL+CALL = Bard
    ART+WILL+DEVO = Priest
    ART+WILD+CALL = Plainsrunner
    ART+WILD+DEVO = Playboy
    ART+CALL+DEVO = Musician

    CONJ+WILL+WILD = Wanderer
    CONJ+WILL+CALL = Executioner
    CONJ+WILL+DEVO = Soothsayer
    CONJ+WILD+CALL = Chaser
    CONJ+WILD+DEVO = Summoner
    CONJ+CALL+DEVO = Jester

    WILL+WILD+CALL = Treasure Hunter
    WILL+WILD+DEVO = Tamer
    WILL+CALL+DEVO = Prophet
    WILD+CALL+DEVO = Missionary

    The class combinations were taken from
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    Juggernaught Classic Guild Member

    Holy crap that are many classes / professions or whatever they call it.

    Theorycrafters are in for a nightmare hehe ;)
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    @Doodle - Go theorycraft and tell me what is the best. Thanks.
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    Ebel Veteran BOON

    Each Boon member gets to choose 1 class! :p
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Woah ..just

    Gief this game :(
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Rift warning, toooo many possibilities!?!? :eek: *overload*
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    Choosing a class will be like choosing numbers for the euromillions. :D
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Can't wait to faceroll noobs with my Playboy, Buffoon or Tragic Poet
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    Mizou Community Member

    i need a 100 side dice now... gj
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    Feidan Community Member

    So, which one is the jack of all trades?
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    The Political Activist, obviously
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    yeah give me 1 year. How are they balancing this? =P
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Hopefully they aren't, just find some OP combo, abuse it and enjoy while you can. They nerf it, find another super Combo called fotm, rince repeat.
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    Saul Community Member

    It's easy to balance, there are only 10 classes, balance them and any combination should be balanced.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    That isn't how balance works.
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    Saul Community Member

    Yes it is. Or it can be.
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    In the honor of that comment, I present to thee: Riftblade/Voidknight. Perfectly balanced trees on their own.

    (and yes, before zod pops in and explains how VK was bugged on its' own, it was far more bugged with the RB selfheal)
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    Fallanx Tactical Veteran

    As i said in my review of the CBT, i found most premade were really more balanced and powerfull compared to "advanced" one. Obviously i havent tested them all and there surely some deadly combination in the list.
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    Saul Community Member




    And This:

    To save you the time of reading, the point i'm making is balance in pvp MMO's atm is a joke, Cookie Cutter bollocks imo. Games like GW2, Archeage and yes even Rift have tried to address the WoW kids idea of PvE Vs PvP Balance, and I hail them for doing it. Allstar said this is not how balance works. how do you know, how do you balance PvP and PvE. Do you follow old models that bring in a nerf or a buff with every patch??.

    True Balance is a myth in MMO's and trying to achieve it is dumbing down MMO's imo.

    And in Honour of your Video

    Pre Cookie Cutter PvP


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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    "True Balance is a myth in MMO's and trying to achieve it is dumbing down MMO's imo."

    While true balance in itself is extremely hard to achieve (not even chess is truly balanced) it is still something worth striving for. You want as many combinations/strategies/tactics to be viable as possible. My only point was that you cannot claim that all individual classes/trees/buffs/debuffs being balanced means overall balance: It's all down to how they are combined, even in party setups. Metagame implies that there are counters to certain builds, which is absolutely fantastic -- it's when there are no counters that you have issues. On the topic of PvP and PvE balancing, I generally think that balancing them separately is the way to go, as they are completely separate game-modes.

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