ArcheAge Korean CBT3: Day 6 Round Up

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    Well today brought with it the end of the CBT, while this does mean that we'll no longer be getting up at the crack of dawn to login and play (poor us :p), it also means that it's the last day that we'll be able to explore the landscape, build ships and houses and pretty much everything else that we've got up to this past week.

    Fallanx, Katiechops and the guys from AAPortal continued in their efforts to build a ship, after their failed effort the day before, they got off to a bang. After they built their ship they of course decided that it needed to be tested out in combat - it had nothing to do with Katiechops getting excited and firing off the cannons at passing boats, honest!!


    All the madness of their initial naval warfare can be seen on Fafa TV.

    (Chops + Naval Warfare = WIN!)


    As we've shown you how building houses works here a a few videos to show off building a ship.

    Ship Building 1:

    Ship Building 2:

    Ship Building 3:

    Bon Voyage:


    I was still playing my Ferres character, although I had changed the spec a little to include the Death class rather than Illusion, thus I was now a Butcher rather than a Guide. As I'd played a Mage archetype on Day 1 I was already quite familiar with the Death class. It added quite a bit of utility to the Ranger/Assasin I was already playing. One of the major gripes from Aspira when he was live streaming my character was that I never had any Healing potions - he's just not that good at kiting :p

    The Death class gave access to several DoT's, one that slowed the target as you channeled another that sapped health from the target as you channeled - these came in very handy and I'm sure had Aspira played on Day 6 he would have appreciated the heal at least.


    News from around the web about ArcheAge has been spreading like wild fire:

    Check out the full write up from Bill Murphy over at

    This week will see more reviews and critiques become available, we here at BC will be writing reviews on several major elements of ArcheAge and posting them over the week. We still have quite a lot of video footage to upload and we will be opening our screenshot gallery over the coming days.

    You can also check out the ArcheAge Beta Armory, where you can see some of the skills, character stats and a google maps version of the CBT3 playable area (all links in Korean):

    LaiLai - aka Fallanx


    While you're waiting for the reviews to be posted why not check out a few more videos of a Ferres ranger:

    See you all soon folks, its now time for me to catch up on some sleep, stay tuned for lots more information about ArcheAge :)
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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 30, 2011.

  1. Acina
    Added KC's second Naval warfare video :)
  2. Aspira
    Just so people are aware, I was playing the character Acina too..... I'm not just some scrubby level 11 noob..... :(
  3. Katiechops
    Just so people are aware. I was playing the character Katiechops.... I am that scrubby lvl 13 legend..... /RAWR!
  4. Mizou
    wait what ? i can build a ship and be a real pirate ???
  5. Aspira
    Pretty much yea. ^^

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