ArcheAge Korean CBT3: Day 4 Round Up

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 27, 2011.

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    What a day, today was the first day that Fallanx, Aspira and I had the chance to engage in PvP combat and it was a lot of fun to boot.

    Other than that today Boon and AAPortal finally finished our house, the footage of the final stages can be found in the highlighted video's section of FafaTV but we have a few video's here that will give you a better idea of the whole process:

    Placing the Foundations:

    Construction Part 1:

    Construction Part 2:

    The Finished Product (including access options):

    The blueprint for a house costs 5 gold and there are 7 different ones to buy (although they only vary roof and door colour at the moment), it costs an additional 1 gold to confirm the placement of your foundation, you'll need a total of 300 labour points to build the house (not including the labour needed to gather the materials) and each house requires 200 wood and 200 stone.

    After placing the foundations your able to ask other players for their labour to help build the house faster, the Boon/AAPortal house was finished in less than 10 minutes as we had 6 players spending their labour points to build. If you try to build on your own it will take roughly 3.5 days to gather all the materials and build the house (you can only have 100 labour points at a time and they gradually refill as you play - faster if you log off).


    Fallanx also managed to be the first Boon to be thrown in jail - after killing too many players from the Nuian Alliance, you can see the full arrest and court proceedings (followed by his subsequent escape) on his J.TV channel (around the 39minute mark).

    He then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to become an infamous murderer (think the blood red debuff in Lineage2) by killing as many of the Nuian Alliance that he could find.

    Today Alaisy had a chance to play around a little and he had this to say about the game thus far:

    “I've only managed to play to level 4 on two different characters, a female Nuian and an Elf. Both starting zone's had a very distinct feeling to them, the human starting zone had a more down to earth feeling next to the coast and the Elven place looked very ancient and enigmatic set in an overgrown area with a terrific mountain view.

    The characters definitely have their own set of animations and feel to them, the Elves look somewhat frail and they leave a trail of grass behind when you move around. The Elves look very mystical and not arrogant like in TERA. The Humans don't move around like they're all buffed-up or are trained martial artists but rather normal and not so over the top as most other Asian games do nowadays, which makes me feel they're meaning to give this game a more serious and mature approach.”


    “I've had the chance of having a very short play-through on a male Ferres character as well, I instantly noticed they have a very agile way of movement. Both in and out of combat they move quick and very much like you would expect from a very feral version of a humanoid cat, the females also lick themselves clean! Normally I don't find the Asian version of feline humanoids very interesting but the Ferres definitely caught my attention, they have managed to make them feel very unique and ferocious. The Ferres are a race that is more similar to the TES (The Elder Scrolls) Khajiit's than the Final Fantasy Mithra in appearance.”

    “The combat animations look good and the abilities are used like in a traditional western MMO (Everquest/WoW) lacking a combo or aiming system, the character simply attacks what he/she has selected as target in front of him/her.

    Unfortunately I have only about 2 hours of game-play behind me, but my overall impression is that the game is incredibly smooth running while still displaying incredible environments.”


    Aspira was also involved in some PvP action and had the following thoughts on PvP in ArcheAge:

    “So today I played Acina’s female Ferres ranger, the race is fast becoming my favourite due to their uniqueness from other MMOs and also because the animations for them are outstanding. I was involved in some open world PvP today, so I got to get a feel of what the open world PvP feels like in ArcheAge.

    The PvP was really quite impressive I have to say. There seems to be no death penalty or any real reason to PvP yet (rewards etc.) so the PvP in the beta is purely the players having fun and PvP’ng for the sake of PvP’ng, and I have to admit, it was really fun! The first battle I got into was 20v20, maybe more, and spread out over a hillside in the wilderness. It reminded me of zerging over the hills of Southshore and Tarren Mill in vanilla WoW.”

    J.TV Upload to YouTube - J.TV use a bad codec :(

    “The PvP itself is really great. It feels really exciting when large groups start facing off and there were lots of little battles kicking off between the two groups. Some people were PvP’ng from their mounts, others on foot, there were CC abilities being fired off everywhere, arrows flying overhead and melee characters slamming into one another. I was actually quite amazed at how balanced the game was considering this is only CBT3. Of course it wasn't perfectly balanced, but other games I have beta tested at a stage as early as ArcheAge is now, usually have terrible PvP balance, or no PvP at all. The fact ArcheAge has PvP already and it is so well done, it gives me a great confidence in the future of ArcheAge's PvP.”


    “No PvP session as a new player to a beta would be complete without the CBT1/CBT2 veterans coming over and giving you a good rofl-stomping though. After the servers went down for a quick patch, I made a bee-line for the nearest quest hub, only to find some high levels there to ‘greet’ me... by killing me... quite fast! A fight broke out in the town and as we were respawning very close to the town, we continued to fight the ‘invaders’. Eventually we gave up as the numbers were in their favour, around 10v15, and there was also a level advantage, we were level 12 - 17 and they were all level 20 - 25 and they even had a couple of level 27's.

    To put this into context, at level 16 the level 27 was able to take me to 5% HP in one shot. It was frustrating to be unable to do anything against these guys, but I do like how players can go to areas and prevent other players from doing anything unless they fight back. As a lover of open world PvP, anything that makes people man up and fight is what I want to see in a game. Even when losing to the higher level characters, I thoroughly enjoyed the open world PvP I experienced today in ArcheAge.”

    Epic Furres zone picture...


    As the day draws to a close we have a lot to look forward to, and achieve over the last 2 days of this CBT3, Boon and AAPortal will be once again teaming up to try and build a boat. Aspira and I will be attempting to find some more PvP action, I'll also be dropping the Illusion class and picking up Death - as requested by Aspira's Live stream viewers to test out the Butchery version of a Ranger and I'm sure I'll continue on with my quest to spend all my hard earned gold on random stuff!!

    To finish why not check out part 1 of the Ferres 'Guide' Ranger video (more to follow):

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