ArcheAge Korean CBT3: Day 2 Round Up

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 25, 2011.

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    Acina Admin Officer


    So Day 2 started with a bang and the French master started off his stream again, although he re-rolled again (4th time in less than 24hours), he picked Nuian again but this time went with the pre-made Mage build. As the day progressed Fallanx joined forces with RomTim, from AAportal and co, to start building a house. They clubbed together for the gold needed to puchase the blueprints and then spent the next hour trying to find the perfect place to build (with the perfect view of course):

    ^^ This isn't their house, unfortunately the servers went down before they were able to start the actual build, they are the proud owners of a plot - the live stream viewers coined it a basement :p

    Now it was Aspira's first day in the CBT and he had this to say:

    “Okay, so this was the first day I’ve been able to play due to University exams, so all the other testers from BOON/ArcheAge Source/AAPortal had already surpassed level 10 on Nuian characters, so since I have the intention of playing some PvP and PvE with those fellow testers before the end of the beta. I decided to focus on the Nuian and play catch up."


    "My first impressions of the game so far, having tried all the available factions to 10 is that this game is huge. I was in awe of the sheer scale of the map in ArcheAge. I have played many MMO's in my past that have been considered to have a large game world, I mean World of Warcraft has a large game world, Darkfall had a huge game world, but ArcheAge without exaggeration, makes them feel small. After getting over the shock of the sheer scale of the world, the next thing that struck me was the amount of stuff in the world. Sandbox MMO's always seem to be baron wastelands in the beginning before the community band together and build up the world around them. Well, ArcheAge again does not follow this trend. Detailed quest hubs, NPC towns and then loads of points of interest in the game world.
    I spent some time just wandering around and gazing at the scenery, I bumped into a ruined castle that looked like it had been lost in a siege and left to rot and then there was a watchtower on big mountain it looked cool, but I fell off a hill and died trying to reach it, hehe!"

    "One major thing that you notice, or indeed don't notice, is the loading screens between zones... there are none. This game really is seamless and it really just amazes you. Darkfall is the only game off the top of my head that I can draw a comparison too. In Darkfall when you moved around the world, there were no loading screens, but you’d feel the difference as you moved from zone to zone (a slight lag bump, but also the zones weren’t truly seamless). In ArcheAge, even playing from the UK on a Korean server, it is completely seamless. Oh, and I have an average of 150ms playing this game from the UK to Korea… anyone that’s not used to playing MMO's on Korean servers from the UK/Europe might not understand just how good this is, its mind blowingly good! In Korean TERA it’s around 400+ms on a good day (and around 80ms on the EU server); imagine the latency you could see on a European or NA server if you’re playing in Europe/NA.

    Comparing the three races, the Ferres race definitely has the best starter area. I don't know if it’s because the race is so unique to anything I have seen before in MMO's and their surroundings are so well fitting to their feral nature, but it just felt more enjoyable to play and by far looks the best. This is not to say the Elf and Nuian starter areas were boring. They were both very high detailed and fitting to the races they represented. The Elf area was set in a deep wooded area and gave of an aura of mystery to the race and the Nuian zone is typical to the medieval human theme of warriors and peasants, think Warhammer Online's human faction. All three areas have their charms and none of them were by any means boring or repetitive, it’s just that I found that of the Ferres something special!"

    "I'm hoping to explore much more tomorrow and gain a few more levels. My progress has been stalled a little the last two days with exams and ISP problems and an annoying client bug that meant I had to re-install a couple of times (thank goodness for backups). Exams are now done and my internet is being upgraded tomorrow morning, so hopefully I can spend more time in-game and get the stream up and running... finally... Fallanx has too many viewers for my liking. ^^

    I don't want to go into too much technical detail as we will be putting up much more detailed reviews next week once the servers go down. What I will bang on about is the graphics, they are very impressive, even for this early stage in the beta process, and the animations... they put most released MMO's to shame.

    I will leave you with this image as a joke to those of you that have been readers here for a while, especially the Star Wars fans..."

    "And to seriously rub some salt into that wound, not only can you swim, but you get an "Oo my screen is all wet because I have just been swimming" screen when you come out of the water..."

    "We have lots of screenshots and fraps and will have streams up tomorrow (I hope) so will make sure to have lots of screenshots and videos and "proper" reviews of ArcheAge next week once we are done, but thought I would throw up this "my first day in ArcheAge post" to let you guys experience my ZOMGWTFBBQ moment upon playing this game. I started off playing this from a neutral point of view as I am not in any way an ArcheAge fanboi, but by the end of the week, I would be surprised if I am not converted to full ArcheAge fanboi status as the game is growing on me every minute I play it.”

    Catch up with us tomorrow with more from the beautiful world of ArcheAge, we'll have more Fafa TV and Aspira will be streaming in the afternoon. I'll be continuing on with my lonesome quest of conquering the Ferres and will hopefully meet up against my friends of old and new in the Battlefields (PvP Baby...)!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I was watching Fallanx's stream while my client was repairing after I kinda broke it >.<, have to say, the adventure to find the perfect plot of land was hilarious to watch. After all the searching and finally seeing them start construction... they didn't have enough materials. I was laughing my ass off watching the stream, was a good adventure you guys had. ^^
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    Merketh The MerkBot

    Nice writeup mate, looking forward to checking out the stream ;)
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    Nice writeup, let's hope the PvP kicks in now :)
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    I was totaly stunned when i saw this wet screen :D
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    Some evil bugger PK'd my mount!!!!!11one :angry:

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    Impressive swimming
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