ArcheAge Korean CBT3: Day 1 Round Up

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 25, 2011.

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    The day started early for us sleepy Euro's, todays CBT session started at 3am BST and a very sleepy crew of Boon's were up at the crack of dawn to bring you the first of many "Boon ArcheAge Live Streams" the first shift was from Fallanx and Fafa TV.

    Character Creation:

    (video courtesy of

    After getting to grips with the character creation screen and the class selection system Fallanx aka Fafa aka Ricardo took his first steps as a male Ferre (Fight, Wild & Vocation)


    Fight symbolizes Kyrios, god of destruction. Kyrios concedes victory to those who have faith in him, but is cruel and destructive to enemies. You can use destructive attack skills in a rage to various surrounding enemies at the same time and your attack speed can be temporarily increased to a great extent through haste.

    Wild represents Tahyan, the warrior of the meadow who tried to defend the alliance with honesty. You can chase and kill your target through ranged attacks. You can also tame wild beasts.

    Vocation represents the assassin who gave up life for one single vocation, and symbolizes assassination. You can also dash in a breath and attack enemies at long distance. The skills will be very effective in player versus player combat.


    The starter zone for the Ferres were very popular as it was the first time anyone was able to play them. The zone was very open, felt wild and native and fit the race very well, imagine the Serengeti and your pretty close to the atmosphere that XL Games have obviously aimed for when designing and building this unique race and their starter zone.

    Without going into too much detail (just yet) Falanx, Atried and the guys from Archeage source set out to explore and indulge.

    Check out Fallanx's Live Stream channel there is something like 8 hours of footage available for you to watch whilst the live streams are down - including some Nuian footage as well :)

    Stay tuned all this week for updates from the Korean CBT3, Livestreams, YouTube footage and as much information as is humanly possible to gather from what is shaping up to be an extremely interesting week!

    Goodnight Boon's Catch y'all on Day 2!
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    Fallanx Tactical Veteran

    I rerolled a premade human mage, btw 37,514 Views so far, thanks ricardo !
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    Some say, Ricardo has a mustache.

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