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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Rev, Jul 11, 2014.

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Two things.
    First, how do you change your UI so you can have 3 bars visible? I kept searching it on Options but didnt find anything like that. At some point im pretty sure I lost one of the UI bars from the screen -_-
    Second, Rev you suggested yesterday not level up as a healer, which makes sense if you're soloing through the PvE quests. But how much time is necessary to level up a new tree from scratch?
    I need some time to absorb all of this...
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    Rev Veteran BOON

    all 3 bars should be visable, can be hard to see them if you dont have a skill in them tho. if you are sure they are not there, you can click to make them pop up in the options and bar options.

    after the patch its fairly easy to lvl up new trees. you can respecc when you are about to burn through 5k labour. also you can plant stuff in your farm that give 100k+ exp. they are there just for this purpose.

    you can still lvl as a healer, just do sorcery vitalism auramancy. vital+aur are the 2 important ones you need for healer. swap out auramancy around lvl 40 to start levling up the tree you want as your third.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Can you extend the smaller bars (default shift+X buttons)?

    Yeah I know this, but at some point I can always switch all the trees to level them all right? Its like you said yesterday on TS "I'm not gonna level as healer in the beginning, I might level as an xxx or Hexblade" in which those cases, none of the trees seem valid for healing but more for a solo build.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    If you plan to be a healer at end game you are best picking two support trees that you will use and Sorcery to level (as Rev suggested), levelling up trees at 50 isn't a lot of fun and being 2/3rds the way there will help a lot. Option number 2 is level with someone as a full heals build and prey they don't get bored of carrying your arse!
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    The other trees are subpar as a damage tree or its all about the sinergies between Sorcery and the other trees?
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    Acina Admin Officer

    You could swing for Occultism instead, but there is a better variety of skills (read. builds) in the sorcery tree.
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    Rev Veteran BOON

    what do you need synergy for? during levling you spam fireball and ice spear or whatever its called. thats it. u just keep vitalism and auramancy there so they gain lvls.

    for the magic users, sorcery is the only one offering good dmg. all the others are just utility now that occultism dmg has been nerfed
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    I dont know, thats why im asking :p
    For that matter I can always use melee damage or archery for the main damage source, no?
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    Rev Veteran BOON

    yes, battlerage works fine aswell. just make sure you start picking right quest rewards after lvl 35 tho :)
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Point taken :)
    I'm guessing the same scenarios go for buffer classes?
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    Occu is pretty meh since the patch

    As for skillbars, i think theres 5 or 6? make sure you scroll down in the option menu's they are in there somewhere
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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    I compare Ru AA where I played and atm EU alot change for better :p they nerf some OP class ^^
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Screenshot or never happened :p
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    Ok so its 4

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    I'm pretty sure that did not exist on this beta... o_0
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    vagabound Veteran BOON

    yes it is there, just gotta open ur eyes :)
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    Darkpride Veteran BOON

    always that drunk boons...
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    Why I don't have my beta key yet? -.-
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    Paran Classic Guild Member

    Wait... you are sober if you raid?
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    miguel pedro Community Member

    Just purchased the founders pack,how much time takes till we get our apply code?

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