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    So today I played the stunning Archeage CBT5, It seems such a long time since we were in CBT4, that the Korean language barrier once again seemed daunting. However 30 mins of playing and I was stright back into the flow of this most awesome of MMO's.

    The first thing you notice that Screenshots can not convey is the sound and music, the music is just fantastic, it's uplifting, it's epic and it makes you feel that your about to enjoy something very polished and very special.

    There are a few things that are new to CBT5 compared to CBT4. The most significant is the upgrade from CryEngine 2.0 to CryEngine 3.0 and OMG Archeage was already a stunning game visually, but now it is pretty much out of this world, I only hope my Screenshots can convey just how amazing Archeage looks.

    Another one of the new features was the upgrade of the Character Creation system. Imo, the best Character Creation system I have encountered in any MMO has to be EvE's. Well Archeage is close, Archeage does not have the amount of options for facial modifications that EvE has. However it has a fair amount, in fact some people would say it's perfect as it has enough to make your character unique, including grid placement of tattoo's and scars, etc, and ofc it is all done in the stunning beauty of the CryEngine 3.0, seriously so beautiful it almost hurts, but hey make your own mind up.




    There are options for all the usual things Eye shape, Colour, head shape, chin shape, scars, tattoos, body shape, and as you can see each race has it's own unique character traits.

    Once I had picked my race, then you move on to class and for those that do not know Archeage has over a 100 unique class choices dependent on a 4 point radial graph. I however wanted to just jump in and play, so I picked a generic Warrior and off I went.

    The quests are the normal fair from what I could gather, apart from the odd "shear 3 sheep" type quests. Due to the game being in Korean you obviously don't get sucked into the lore or the story, you just follow the quests as they drop Quest indicators on your mini map. Most experienced MMO players will still find questing enjoyable and straight forward. As in most MMO's the first 10 levels let you experience a lot of the basic mechanics as you quest. What is a little sad from a European's point of view is the crafting looks immense, a huge amount of resources are available, but do the language barrier it is pretty hard to understand recipes, etc, so I have just looked at them and been hugely impressed with the sheer amount of items and therefore recipes to match.

    Within the first 5 levels I was felling trees as well as climbing them, to rescue a fair maidens pet, I was helping build a house and acquiring my first boat, admittedly it was a very small rowing boat. all the time your completing these tasks, your doing so in the most amazingly beautiful Cry3 environments. No MMO imo has come close to how stunning Archeage looks and most importantly of all it's as smooth as a babies backside. No jitter, no lag, No animation problems, nothing, CBT5 is amazingly polished and it's only due to the constant additions to the game that it is not released already.

    Whilst wondering around I came across my first Citadel on the map, the first major structure I had come across as opposed to little villages and uotposts.


    Once inside the detail is immense and this is just a run of the mill outpost, for information, it's also the same structure as player created Guild citadels, only this one is rammed with NPC's and Quests.

    One of the other new features is the Holliday Island. I can't remember what it is called, but the idea is a unique one in MMO's.

    You gain access through a mirror like portal that whisks you to an almost Caribbean like island. The Island is full of social related aspects where you can have parties, buy designer clothes and build and plant a holliday home that will never be attacked or destroyed. The point is it's a social hub away from the cut and thrust of the normal game. In the main world your houses can be destroyed as can your guilds structures and ships, etc, here however is where you come to relax and CYBER baby... :)

    Again in amazing Cry3 beauty..

    The main building where you enter to a fan fare of fireworks and confetti...

    A few party clothes vendors..

    The South Side of the Island.

    The North Side of the Island.

    If you noticed in front of those houses are miniature models of similer houses, they are basically vendors for which type of house you want to buy and in typical SIMS stylee, there are loads to choose from.



    Including turrets and other Siege equipment for you to take with you or place on the island.

    That's it for now, I will be playing most of tomorrow and will go into mechanics, combat, ship building and trying to figure out what this underwater content is all about. Ohh and find some amazing vistas and major cities so you can see just how stunning Archeage is on CryEngine 3.0

    Saul Out....
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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Saul, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Aspira
    I was watching Stateofreality stream for a while last night and then looking at your screenshots now, the update to CryEngine3 has made the game look even more beautiful.

    The character creation seems as good as, if not better than, Aion's now, which is pretty cool.

    Looking forward to seeing what you think of the other new stuff.
  2. Menru
    This looks amazing. I loved how well the world is made and how much alive it appears. I guess the best part is how free a player feels while roaming...briefly thnx and nice coverage saul.
  3. Relinquished
    First off, great presentation Saul!
    Second, i can't w8 to play this game.
    Third, how do you think it will hold up in RvR? The graphics look way too good to be smooth in a full scale war situation with over 200 ppl +spell effects and whatnot.
  4. Fozia
    probably not a game for faint hearts reli better buy a nasa pc while u can
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  5. Blackspear
    Well done Saul!

    Relinquished good PC will be needed for mass PvP for sure. I have decent PC but even while lvling on max details i has small fps drop from time to time and it was during CBT4 on old engine.
  6. Acina
    I was involved in some RvR during CBT4 and my battered old rig held up well, I will try and get some footage from this with the graphical update :)
  7. Katiechops
    YOu all know we building a giant pink castle in this game,,, with sparkles
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