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    Build 4/30/13 April Content Update Release Notes
    Flame & Frost: Retribution
    In secret foundries deep beneath the Shiverpeaks, the Molten Alliance forges deadly new weaponry that combines the fiery power of the Flame Legion with the iron might of the dredge. There, Alliance weaponsmiths test their creations on innocent captives, perfecting their cruel technology until it is ready to unleash on all of Tyria.
    In the last chapter of the Flame and Frost series, you'll strike at the heart of the Molten Alliance with your comrades, Rox the charr and the norn Braham. Take the battle into the enemy's weapons facilities and defeat a final hybrid menace unlike any Tyria has ever seen!
    Molten Weapons Facility
    • The Vigil has pinpointed the first of what may be several entrances to the weapons facilities where the Molten Alliance has been creating their fearsome technologies.
    • The Molten Weapons Facility is a level-80 single-path dungeon experience where players fight alongside Rox Whetstone and Braham Eirsson.
    • All players who enter are scaled up to level 80.
    • Entrances to the Molten Weapons Facility change over time as new locations are found.
    • Information on the map where the dungeon is located is in the Living World UI on the top right of the screen.
    • A wide variety of new and unique rewards are available by defeating the challenging encounters within.
    • This content is available from April 30 to May 12.
    • New achievements have been added to the Living Story category: 'Rage Against the War Machine,' 'Avenger of the Dispossessed,' 'A Rallying Flame,' and 'Alliance Breaker.'
    • Completing the meta-achievement for Flame and Frost, 'Alliance Breaker,' awards you a Fused Gauntlet Ticket. Use this item to exchange it for your choice of Fused Gauntlets, a unique exotic item. Completion of this achievement requires all of the other Flame and Frost achievements except 'A Rallying Flame.'
    • A new title, 'Avenger of the Dispossessed,' has been added for players who see Rox and Braham's stories to completion.
    • The final Flame and Frost achievement, 'A Rallying Flame,' is not available until the conclusion of the story arc.
    Structured Player vs. Player
    • Custom arenas!
      • Soon, you'll be able to host private matches, hone your skills, and build your own community in rentable custom PvP arenas!
      • Initially, renting a custom arena will be available on an invitation basis, but custom arena play and spectator mode will be available to all PvP players.
      • Once this feature leaves beta, the ability to run a custom arena will be available to any player as a gem purchase.
    • Spectator mode!
      • View any non-tournament match in real time from several fixed camera locations or from the perspective of players in the match.
      • Inspect the statistics, equipment, traits, and skills of players you are watching.
      • If spectator mode is enabled on an arena, players can select which team they are on when the map begins.
    • Map pings and drawing now work for your team instead of only your party.
    • Clicking the score UI at the top of the screen opens the scoreboard.
    • The PvP browser now provides filtering options and favorites for custom arenas.
      World vs. World
    • Added the following rare weapon skin sets to the Weapon Master:
      • Aureate
      • Flame
      • Verdant
      • Norn
    • Added new abilities:
      • Arrow Cart Mastery
        • Increase range on all arrow-cart skills.
        • Increase damage on all arrow-cart skills.
        • Increase effectiveness of applied conditions.
        • Increase radius on all arrow-cart skills
        • New skill (slot 4): Toxic Unveiling Shot. Removes stealth and applies poison to targets.
      • Guard Killer
        • All Guard Killer bonuses now also apply to enemy lords and supervisors.
        • 7% damage to guards, lords, and supervisors.
        • Gain endurance after killing guards, lords, and supervisors.
        • 10% damage to guards, lords, and supervisors.
        • Add 1 stack of Guard Leech on killing a guard, lord, or supervisor.
          • Guard Leech: Gain health when attacking guards, lords, or supervisors.
    • Added the following guild siege weapons as rewards for completing guild missions:
      • Trebuchet
      • Ballista
      • Arrow cart
      • Catapult
    • Added WvW Rank progress to the WvW Dashboard UI (see top center of the screen while in WvW).
    • Siege weapons provide World XP when destroyed.
    • Siege weapons placed by Commander Siegerazer and Commander Siegecrusher now provide XP and World XP when destroyed.
    • Players now receive World XP for repairing gates and walls in WvW.
    • Players now receive World XP for defending supply dolyaks from ambushes in WvW.
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    Guild Content
    • Moved guild-mission information from Upgrades to its own tab.
    • Guild treks now award influence on successful completion:
      • Tier 1 awards 400 influence.
      • Tier 2 awards 500 influence.
      • Tier 3 awards 700 influence.
    • Added 30 new guild-trek targets across Tyria.
    • Added a new guild rush near Talabaroop Waves in Frostgorge Sound.
    • Added new guild banner back-slot items to the guild commendation vendor.
    • Half-Baked Komali's fire shield now applies vulnerability to attackers instead of might and stability to herself.
    • Reduced the possible spawning area and count of Sottz the Scallywag's barrels.
    • Sottz the Scallywag no longer despawns too fast after being discovered.
    • Sottz the Scallywag's barrels can no longer be destroyed by players who do not have him targeted by their current mission.
    • 'Hiding' bounty targets will now appear when a majority of their spawn locations have been searched.
    • 'Ambushing' bounty targets such as Big Mayana will no longer despawn as fast as standard targets.
    • Corrected the Guild Truncheon's price from 3 gold + 7 commendations to 3 gold + 5 commendations.
    • World PolishBloodtide Coast:
      • Fixed an errant UI marker during the event to destroy Psylithium Generators.
      • Living Covington pirates no longer respawn while players are helping Bill and Hekja fight Risen pirates.
    • Brisban Wildlands:
      • On completion of the skritt/bandit event, the crate vanishes, preventing a bug during repeated runs of the event.
    • Caledon Forest:
      • The event to slay the Risen drake broodmother is now correctly marked as [Group].
      • The great jungle wurm can no longer be killed before its event starts. Increased the scaling cap on the wurm.
    • Cursed Shore:
      • Reduced density of spawns in the event to collect glands for Merla.
    • Diessa Plateau:
      • Fixed an event-progression issue with the Cattlepult.
    • Dredgehaunt Cliffs:
      • Fixed tooltips for the jotun greatsword environment weapon.
    • Fields of Ruin:
      • Fixed a stall in the 'Assist the Foulbear Kraal' event.
      • Messenger Laren and her bodyguards now revive each other between fights.
      • Speaking to Legionnaire Riptooth now correctly starts the Bloodgorge Watch event.
    • Fireheart Rise:
      • Made some polish changes to the Vidius Castrum event chain.
      • All NPCs in the Battle of Buloh Crossing can now be revived and will revive each other.
      • Brakkurn and Jhalles are now marked by Protect NPC markers during their event to repair machinery.
      • Haki Wolfwatcher stops announcing that the gates of the Citadel of Flame are open when they are not.
      • Increased toughness of Agent Marrick's pack marmox.
      • Players can now use the cannon in the siege of Vidius Castrum without being kicked off.
      • The monstrous tar elemental now has standard event UI.
    • Frostgorge Sound:
      • Icebrood no longer clump up during their attack on the Moshpoipoi if they have no nearby targets.
    • Iron Marches:
      • Fixed an event-progression issue with Victurus the Shattered.
    • Lion's Arch:
      • Map-marker tooltips for asura gates now state their destinations.
    • Malchor's Leap:
      • Reduced the creatures in the 'Kill the Corrupted High Priestess' event at high scales.
      • Adjusted the spawn density and respawn rate in the Bauxite Alchemicals plant.
      • Collecting spectral weapons and omnomberries for Byanca now uses standard collection UI.
      • NPCs in the Dwayna Temple events can now revive each other.
      • Reduced range of the Risen catapult near Doric's Waypoint so it cannot knock players into Bloodtide Coast.
      • Skills for the spectral jammer environmental weapon now display the correct tooltips.
    • Metrica Province:
      • Collecting eggs for Plink now correctly starts the subsequent event even if the collection is done solo.
      • Fixed an event-progression issue with LUM0009 golems.
      • Added additional event UI to the Imbued Mark I Golem event.
      • Minor UI adjustment for the Luminates Plant event.
      • Reduced the contribution required to earn a silver or gold medal in the fire elemental event.
      • Researcher Orl is now correctly identified as a karma merchant.
    • Mount Maelstrom:
      • Added additional UI for the event to prevent the Inquest from contaminating the Whitland Flats.
      • Added an overhead marker to the bosses in the Terror 7 event chain.
      • Fixed a UI bug in the 'Toil for the Coil' meta-event.
    • Plains of Ashford:
      • Roefire Hauntclase appears as a vendor only when he has something to sell.
    • Queensdale:
      • Fixed an event-progression issue with Sister Brenda.
      • Reviving Moa Trainer Kappa now correctly updates her event UI.
    • Sparkfly Fen:
      • Adjusted levels of some spawns near Brooloonu Waypoint to better match the area's level.
      • Adjusted the UI for the Swampwatch events.
      • Fixed a possible stall in the 'Defend Shorewatch from the Risen' event.
      • The steward who becomes a (normal) merchant after the Ocean's Gullet event no longer appears as a karma merchant.
    • Straits of Devastation:
      • Fixed an event-progression issue with the Pact escort to Temple of Balthazar.
      • Reduced the respawn rate of enemies around Agent Raia.
      • Replaced a couple of underwater Risen giants with sharks.
    • Timberline Falls:
      • Dobbs and his krewe now revive each other between fights.
      • Fixed a minor display bug in the 'Assist Dobbs in the ruins' meta-event.
    • Wayfarer Foothills:
      • Bolt throwers used by the Sons of Svanir no longer trap players who destroy them if they are standing on the thrower.
      • Bear Shaman Marge is now always responsive during her skill challenge.
      • Increased max event scale for the Svanir Shaman Chief in the Frozen Maw meta-event.
      • It is now possible (but difficult) to catch kegs thrown by Volden.
      • The roadblock built by the Sons of Svanir outside Hoelbrak is now attackable from either side.
      • Players can no longer get stuck in snow-leopard form after leaving the Snow Leopard Shrine area.
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    • Added increased scaling to several new events.
    • Instances now display an exit even if players have completed their personal story.
    • Reduced the chatter frequency of player characters.
    • Fixed mouse-based target selection while using the 'look behind' key.
    • An error message now appears for disconnections during character creation.
    • Fixed a progress-blocking issue in dungeon-related Explorer achievements.
    • Updated the number of tiers on the Centaur Slayer and Zhaitan's Bane achievements to be consistent with other achievements in the Slayer category.
    • Updated Drake Slayer achievement tiers to match other achievements in the Slayer category.
    • Players cannot use transformation tonics when already in a transformation, and leaving these transformations has a 3-second cooldown.
    • Blowout effect: Renamed to Launch.
    • Summoned creatures and pets can no longer draw aggro from enemies that have not already aggroed on their master.
    • Adjusted ranger pet AI when fighting enemies in PvE. Melee pets now attempt to move behind enemies as long as they are not actively being targeted by the creature.
    • Retaliation now has its own iconic damage floater.
    • Hero Panel now displays magic find.
    • Ascalonian Catacombs:
      • Players can no longer fall through the map when standing above graveling burrows when they appear in the Ascalon Catacombs dungeon.
      • The Lovers can now be knocked back consistently.
    • Honor of the Waves:
    • Andal the Thug's skill that buffs Oolon and Poroo now matches the visual effects.
    • The Ruined City of Arah:
    • Warden Illyra now looks correct when she carries a Risen chicken.
    • Mossman no longer becomes unresponsive in combat.
    • Cliffside: Players can no longer exploit the final boss by keeping him stunned in an emote loop.
    Personal Story
    • 'Among the Kodan': Boosted the power of the Overminer's Boomstick (but only when used by a player).
    • 'Armor Guard': Pact soldiers now revive each other. Tegwen's behavior is now consistent.
    • 'Deadly Force': Fixed a bug when using the Ghostbore cannon.
    • 'Don't Leave Your Toys Out': Adjusted difficulty. The charr now revive each other.
    • 'On Red Alert': All of the Priory Novices are now using the correct voices.
    • 'The Championship Fight': Players are no longer blocked if they ask Eir to wait a minute before proceeding.
    • 'The Sad Tale of the Ravenous': Adjusted story-step difficulty.
    • 'The Stone Sheath': Increased size of the escape region so it is not possible to accidentally run past it.
    • 'Through the Looking Glass': Adjusted timing of the subtitles to match the spoken VO.
    • 'Untamed Wilds': Increased scaling to keep the story step challenging for multiple players.
    • 'Where Life Goes': The NPCs in the story step can now revive each other and be revived by players.
    • 'Ships of the Line': Goop dropped by the oozes now time out and disappear after 15 seconds, preventing the hold from filling with infinite goop.
    • 'What the Eye Beholds': Fixed a possible stall if the player talked to Trahearne during the testing process.
    • Corrected Rune and Sigil tooltips to say 'chill' instead of 'freeze' or 'frozen.'
    • Sigil of Water: Tooltip now correctly states % Chance on Critical instead of just % Chance.
    • Time remaining on buffs now display with increased resolution.
    • Bolt, Incinerator, Rodgort, and Frostfang now have a base elemental damage type. Note: This is a visual change only.
    • PvP: Weapon-upgrade bonuses no longer disappear when players die while transformed.
    • Updated many item icons.
    Profession Skills
    • Comet skill: Blast finisher now occurs at the comet's location rather than at the elementalist's location.
    • Conjure Flame Axe skill: Updated the Flame Leap skill fact to display the proper burning duration.
    • Rock Blade skill: Projectiles now correctly hit targets up to the intended 1200 range.
    • Mist Form skill: Activation now locks heal, utility, and elite skills.
    • Ride the Lightning skill:
      • Increased recharge increased 20 seconds to 40 seconds.
      • Recharge is now halved if the player strikes a foe.
      • Reduced the range to 1200 from the previous (hidden) 1550.
    • Signet of Earth skill: Passive stat bonus increased by 100%.
    • Signet of Fire skill: Passive stat bonus increased by 100%.
    • Glyph of Elemental Power skill: Added a skill fact to indicate the percent chance.
    • Signet of Restoration skill: Reduced the passive healing by 18% in PvP.
    • Cleansing Water trait: Can now trigger only once every 5 seconds (only in PvP).
    • Glyph of Storms skill: Increased duration of Lightning Storm by 50%, Ice Storm by 50%, Firestorm by 25%, and Sandstorm by 11%.
    • Glyph of Lesser Elementals skill: Increased the health of summoned elementals by 33%.
    • Glyph of Elementals skill: Increased the health of the summoned elementals by 33%.
    • Conjure Fiery Greatsword skill: The Fiery Rush skill no longer consumes a warrior's adrenaline pool.
    • Swirling Winds skill: No longer destroys unblockable missiles.
    • Flame Turret skill: Now has the proper recharge when the Deployable Turrets trait is equipped.
    • Static Shot skill: Changed the maximum targets skill fact to number of bounces to better indicate its actual effect.
    • Elixikittenll: Now always applies quickness correctly.
    • Reserve Mines trait: Updated description to be more accurate.
    • Elixir S skill: Activation now locks heal, utility, and elite skills.
    • Incendiary Powder trait:
      • Increased burning duration from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.
      • Increased internal cooldown from 3 seconds to 10 seconds.
      • Increased activation chance from 33% to 100%.
    • Cloaking Device trait: Increased cloaking duration from 2 seconds to 5 seconds. Added internal cooldown of 25 seconds.
    • Regenerating Mist skill: Reduced Healing Turret Toolbelt skill recharge from 60 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Healing Turret skill:
      • Reduced the deployed heal by 50%.
      • Healing range is now 2520-3270.
      • No longer applies 2 stacks of regeneration every time the turret fires. Now applies 3 seconds of regeneration every 3 seconds.
      • No longer passively creates a water field.
      • Normalized the ranges of all aspects to 480 (previously 240, 360, or 480).
    • Cleansing Burst skill:
      • Reduced Healing Turret overcharge skill recharge from 60 seconds to 15 seconds
      • Now heals as much as deploying does.
      • Healing range is now 2520-3270.
      • Now applies 5 seconds of regeneration.
      • Removes 2 conditions when activated.
      • Now deploys a 5-second water field.
      • Normalized the ranges of all aspects to 480 (previously 240, 360, or 480).
    • Glue Shot skill: Added an unblockable skill fact to this skill to represent its actual nature.
    • Elixir X skill: No longer fails if the player is in midair when it activates.
    • Kit Refinement trait: Now displays on the player's buff bar when it is out of cooldown.
    • Low Health Response System trait: Now has a 10-second recharge.
    • Thumper Turret skill: Updated skill facts to reflect cripple while Deployable Turrets is equipped.
    • Toss Elixikittenll: No longer destroys unblockable missiles.
    • Picking up a turret no longer triggers effects from the Accelerant-Packed Turrets and Shrapnel traits.
    • Elixikittenll:
      • Increased duration by 1 second.
      • When gaining Haste, players now take regenerate endurance at 50% effectiveness (increased from 0%) when under the effects of this skill.
      • When gaining Frenzy, players now take 25% more damage (reduced from 50%) when under the effects of this skill.
    • Perfect Inscriptions trait: Recharges can no longer be refreshed.
    • Wrath skill: Updated the damage skill fact to indicate that the damage is done incrementally during the skill's channel.
    • Pure of Voice trait: Now properly converts fear.
    • 'Hold the Line!' skill: This shout now converts a condition only if the Pure of Voice trait is equipped.
    • Bane Signet skill: Increased passive stat bonus by 100%.
    • Signet of Mercy skill: Increased passive stat bonus by 100%.
    • Signet of Wrath skill: Increased passive stat bonus by 100%.
    • Hammer of Wisdom skill: Increased health of this summoned spirit by 25%.
    • Shield of the Avenger skill: Increased health of this summoned spirit by 14%.
    • Healer's Retribution trait: Now functions with racial healing skills.
    • Sanctuary skill: No longer destroys unblockable missiles.
    • Shield of Absorption skill: No longer destroys unblockable missiles.
    • Reduced mantra cast times from 3.25 seconds to 2.75 seconds.
    • Confounding Suggestions trait: Now functions with the Chaos Storm and Counter Blade skills.
    • Clones wielding a spear underwater now execute the full spear combo.
    • Mirror Blade skill: Added an unblockable skill fact.
    • Into the Void skill: Updated description to be more accurate ('Temporal Curtain').
    • Mind Stab skill (one-handed sword combo): Renamed to Mind Spike.
    • Arcane Thievery skill: Now correctly transfers the boons removed from enemies and the conditions removed from the mesmer.
    • Moa Morph skill: Can be used while moving.
    • Moa transform flee: Reduced run distance and reduced cooldown from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Blinding Befuddlement trait:
      • Increased duration of applied confusion from 1 second to 4 seconds.
      • Can now trigger only once every 5 seconds on any target that is blinded by the mesmer.
    • Signet of Domination skill: Passive power increase now scales from 20-180, up from 10-90.
    • Illusion of Life skill: Players can no longer circumvent the vengeance properties. Increased cast time by 0.5 seconds.
    • Distortion skill: No longer allows capture of control points in all formats or communing in PvP.
    • Well of Corruption skill: Updated damage skill fact to indicate the correct number of attacks.
    • Well of Suffering skill:
      • Updated damage skill fact to indicate the correct number of attacks.
      • Updated the number of attacks to be consistent when affected by Focused Rituals.
    • Spinal Shivers skill: Updated damage facts to indicate damage dealt based on boons removed.
    • Signet of Spite skill: Updated the skill facts to indicate the passive effect of this skill. Increased the passive power boost by 100%.
    • Corrupt Boon skill: No longer causes odd interactions with Aegis. Now unblockable.
    • Epidemic skill: Now unblockable.
    • Flesh Wurm minion: Increased health by 25%.
    • Flesh Golem minion: Increased health by 25% and toughness by 10%.
    • Lich Form skill: The Grim Specter skill now strips boons from enemies and conditions from allies when it reaches its target point instead of only when the missile hits a target.
    • Tail Wind trait: Now has an internal cooldown of 9 seconds.
    • Furious Grip trait: Now has an internal cooldown of 9 seconds.
    • 'Guard' skill: Reduced cooldown from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • 'Sic 'Em' skill: Reduced cooldown to 40 seconds from 60 seconds.
    • Lightning Reflexes skill: Reduced cooldown from 45 seconds to 40 seconds.
    • Signet of Stone skill:
      • Reduced cooldown from 120 seconds to 80 seconds.
      • Increased passive toughness by 100%.
      • Now allows capture of control points in all formats and communing in PvP.
    • Signet of the Wild skill: Reduced cooldown from 120 seconds to 60 seconds and duration from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • Spiritual Knowledge trait: Increased activation chance from 15% to 35%.
    • Swoop skill: Corrected the damage indicated in the skill fact.
    • Increased health of all non-elite spirits by 60%.
    • 'Search and Rescue' skill:
      • Increased cooldown from 85 seconds to 180 seconds in PvP.
      • No longer revives defeated allies.
    • Point Blank Shot skill: No longer has an increased cast time when the Eagle Eye trait is equipped.
    • Quickening Zephyr skill:
      • Increased duration by 1 second.
      • Players are now healed at 50% effectiveness (increased from 0%) when under the effects of this skill.
    Pet Attributes

    • Adjusted health and/or armor of ranger pets:
      • Ursine pets: health increased from 26,000 to 29982; armor is now 2061 (up 687). Polar bear's power now matches that of all other bear pets.
      • Dogs: health increased from 13,000 to 14,868; armor is 2061 (no change).
      • Cats: health increased from 13,000 to 14,868; armor is 1374 (no change).
      • Devourers: health increased from 11,089 to 14868; armor is 2748 (no change).
      • Birds: health increased from 11,894 to 14,868; armor is 1374 (no change).
      • Drakes: health increased from 11,683 to 22,425; armor is 2061 (no change).
      • Spiders: health increased from 18,646 to 22,425; armor is 1374 (no change).
      • Pigs: health increased from 20,538 to 22,425; armor is now 2061 (up 687).
      • Moas: health increased from 16,781 to 22,425; armor is 1374 (no change).
      • Armor Fish: health increased from 16,781 to 22,452; armor is now 2748 (up 343).
      • Jellyfish: health increased from 11,089 to 22,425; armor is 1374 (no change).
      • Shark: health increased from 13,000 to 22,425; armor is now 2061 (up 687).
    Canine Skills

    • Intimidating Howl skill: Reduced cast time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    • Regenerate skill: Reduced cast time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    • Howl of the Pack skill: Reduced cast time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    • Chilling Howl skill: Reduced cast time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    • Terrifying Howl skill: Reduced cast time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    Drake Skills

    • Lightning Breath skill: Reduced cast time from 2.7 seconds to 1.5 seconds. The lightning from this attack no longer tracks targets.
    • Fire Breath skill: Reduced cast time from 2.7 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    • Insect Swarm skill: Reduced cast time from 2.7 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    • Frost Breath skill: Reduced cast time from 2.7 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    Feline Skills

    • Icy Pounce skill: Reduced cast time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    • Rending Pounce skill: Reduced cast time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    Jellyfish Skills

    • Immobilizing Whirl skill: Now sticks on its target instead of passing through.
    • Chilling Whirl skill: Now sticks on its target instead of passing through.
    • Poisoning Whirl skill: Now sticks on its target instead of passing through.
    • Skills that must be performed from stealth are now labeled as 'Stealth Attack.'
    • Vigorous Recovery: Improved accuracy of description.
    • Cloak and Dagger skill: Now functions with the Hidden Killer trait.
    • Needle Trap skill: Removed the duration skill fact as being misleading.
    • Shadow Shot skill: The projectile portion is now unblockable.
    • Choking Gas skill: Added an Unblockable skill fact to reflect functionality.
    • Flanking Strike skill:
      • Now evades and delivers one strike instead of delivering two attacks.
      • Removed boon removal.
      • Reduced initiative cost from 4 to 3.
      • Now toggles for 5 seconds to a second skill, Larcenous Strike, if the attack hits an enemy.
      • Improved reliability of flanking strike.
    • Larcenous Strike: Deliver a quick strike that steals up to two boons from an enemy. Costs 1 initiative.
    • Larcenous Strike, Stab skills: Reduced aftercast by 0.5 seconds.
    • Mug trait: Can no longer critically hit. Now heals the thief from a range of 1980 health to 2700 health.
    • Leeching Venoms trait: Increased the damage scale from power by 33%. Increased range from 325-400 to 325-425.
    • Signet of Agility skill: Increased passive stat bonus by 100%.
    • Assassin's Signet skill: Increased passive stat bonus by 100%.
    • Revealed effect: Reverted duration to 3 seconds in PvE.
    • Trick Shot skill: First arrow is no longer heat-seeking.
    • Smoke Screen skill: No longer destroys unblockable missiles.
    • Haste skill:
      • Increased duration by 1 second.
      • Players now regenerate endurance at 50% effectiveness (increased from 0%) when under the effects of this skill.
    • Arcing Arrow skill: Added a radius skill fact. Removed the burning skill fact on the traited version because it did not actually burn.
    • Fan of Fire skill:
      • Updated the cast time and aftercast to match other fan skills.
      • Reduced cast time by 0.5 seconds and aftercast by 0.5 seconds.
    • Earthshaker skill:
      • Fixed the attack radius to correctly match the ground targeted decal radius.
      • Added a radius skill fact.
      • Fixed the damage displayed in the skill fact at zero adrenaline to be consistent with the skill at all adrenaline levels.
    • Throw Boulder skill: Added a knockdown skill fact.
    • Call to Arms skill:
      • Now a blast finisher.
      • Updated the radius skill fact to be consistent with the skill's effects.
      • Removed extraneous 500-millisecond aftercast.
    • Added new Adept major trait, Defense (II): Dogged March - Incoming immobilize, chill, and cripple conditions are reduced by 33%. Gain 3 seconds of regeneration when you are crippled, chilled, or immobilized. This effect can trigger only once every 10 seconds. This trait replaces Turtle's Defense.
    • Quick Bursts and Adrenal Reserves traits: Combined into one trait, Burst Mastery (XI).
    • Added new Grandmaster major trait, Discipline (XII): Destruction of the Empowered - Damage is increased by 3% per unique boon on the warrior's target.
    • Endure Pain skill: Players can now capture points while under its effects.
    • Leg Specialist trait: No longer functions when controlling turrets such as the WvW Arrow Cart.
    • Brutal Shot (Rifle) skill: Increased vulnerability duration from 10 seconds to 12 seconds. Increased vulnerability stacks from 5 to 8.
    • Signet of Fury skill: Increased passive stat bonus by 100%.
    • Signet of Might skill: Increased passive stat bonus by 100%. The new active is the player's next 3 attacks are unblockable. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.
    • Dolyak Signet skill: Increased passive stat bonus by 100%.
    • 'On My Mark!' skill: Now uses its actual range instead of infinite range. Increased the range of the shout from 900 to 1200.
    • Frenzy skill:
      • Increased duration by 1 second.
      • Players now take 25% more damage (reduced from 50%) when under the effects of this skill.
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    Structured Player vs. Player
    • Minimap icons for team members now show their profession icon instead of a dot.
    • Updated requirements for PvP daily achievements.
    • Heart of the Mists:
      • The PvP locker now has a tab for back-slot items.
      • Glory vendors now sell PvP guild banner back-slot items.
      • Added new Fused Gauntlets to the Match Win Reward Chest.
      • Players can now use transformation tonics here.
      • PvP Steady weapons are now Basic rarity and have had their damage increased.
    • Spirit Watch:
      • Ride the Lightning distance is reduced by 40% while carrying the orb.
      • Tornado move speed is now correctly reduced while carrying the orb.
      • The orb is dropped if the orb carrier uses an invulnerability skill.
      • The orb now spawns 10 seconds after match start instead of immediately.
      • Increased altar commune time from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
      • Fixed multiple locations where teleport skills would fail for no visible reason.
    • Minimap and Party UI now display all allies on map.
    • Kill Spam now displays all kills on map.
    World vs. World
    • Updated confusion and retaliation effects to do the same damage as they do in sPvP.
    • Added a buff to display time remaining before siege weapons are destroyed from inactivity.
    • Siege sites are now destroyed 2 minutes after being placed if they receive no supply.
    • Increased arrow-cart damage:
      • Increased Fire damage by 80%.
      • Increased Fire Crippling Arrows damage by 17%.
      • Increased Fire Barbed Arrows damage by 60% and increased the Bleed duration to 15^^seconds.
    • The 'under attack' notice at objectives now displays 30 seconds after it is first attacked. Does not affect waypoint usage.
    • Siege weapon blueprints are now account-bound instead of soulbound.
    • Killing a supply dolyak now awards 3 points to the team that lands the deathblow.
    • Righteous Indignation now ignores damage from all sources.
    • Players can now deploy siege sites on enemy walls.
    • Siege weapons can no longer be built in no-siege areas.
    • Increased radius of cannon basic shot from 240 to 360.
    • Lotus Poison (thief minor trait, 15 in Deadly Arts) no longer applies to a trebuchet’s poison shot.
    • Frost Spirit (ranger utility skill) no longer applies 10% damage buff to siege weapons.
    • Increased boon resistance of siege golems so players can't apply swiftness to them with increased boon duration.
    • Picking up supply while holding more than current capacity (due to a capacity buff going away) no longer reduces the supply down to current capacity.
    • WvW dialogue will now reopen to the last-viewed page.
    New Items and Promotions
    • You can now purchase Braham and Rox's weapon skins in the Gem Store! Braham's Mace and Shield and Rox's Short Bow and Quiver are each available in the Style category for 600 gems. Apply each skin to any weapon of the same type to change its appearance. Skins can either be applied to a PvE item or added to your PvP locker for use in the Mists.
    • There is now a rare chance to get the Cheetah Charr or Killer Whale Quaggan backpack covers from the Black Lion Chest. Black Lion Chest Keys can be obtained from the Gem Store in the Consumable category for 1 for 125 gems or 5 for 450.
    • To celebrate spring, the Gem Store will make available one miniature baby animal each week for the next 5 weeks. The first of these adorable additions is the Mini Hippo Calf, which is now available in the Minis category of the Gem Store for 400 gems each.
    • The Sonic Tunneling Tool can now be purchased from the Style category of the Gem Store for 250 gems each. This neat piece of tech lets your character move just under the surface instead of running. Simply equip the item in the toy slot of your town clothes and use the skill to start tunneling. The item does not change obstacles, and entering combat makes you resurface.
    • A pack of 8000 gems can now be purchased through the Gem Store. Select Get Gems in the upper-left corner of the Gem Store to start the gem-purchase process.
    • Dancing Spirit skills now have a 2-second recharge time.
    • Increased duration of summoned Merchant Express and Trading Post Express NPCs from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
    • Increased duration of spawned Boxes o' Fun from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
    • Backpack straps that come with backpack skins no longer require typing the name to delete them.
    • Boxes o' Fun now drop from the Black Lion Chest.
    • Reduced the drop rate of Name Change Contracts from the Black Lion Chest to reduce duplication.
    Bug Fixes
    • All sell listings are now shown for Instant Buy on the Trading Post, instead of only the 20 lowest prices.
    • An active customer-support link now appears when attempting to purchase gems fails.
    • The Cook's Boots town clothes items no longer look corrupted when worn by a charr character.
  5. Offline

    Mattfs Community Member

    That mesmer nerf is a sick joke. im not a happy chappy, reducing my damage by more than a half!
  6. Offline

    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Why the QQ? You rollface anyways :p
  7. Offline

    Mattfs Community Member

    Because i do more or less no damagenow, people will still see 1k+ hitting them from confusion, but thats from 3+ mesmers hitting them.
    People assume when they get hit for 4k confusion its just one mesmer, when its actually 3 or 4, if 3 thiefs hit me at the same time im pretty sure the damage would be far worse than mesmers confusion
  8. Offline

    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Seriously now, where is that nerf you say on the patch notes?
  9. Offline

    Mattfs Community Member

    So 50% less damage and harder to put it on
  10. Offline

    Cash Community Member

    Worst thing with this patch is arrow carts! They're simply insane now .
  11. Offline

    Katiechops Guild Master

    yeah a certain asura told them that but they didn't listen tbh!
  12. Offline

    Karasu Community Member

  13. Offline

    Vissarion Veteran BOON

    These nerfs on eles are a joke, and what's funny is that 4-5months ago they said eles only have one viable build and they want to change that, what they do, every patch they nerf eles more and more, and that viable build becomes more viable and unique.
  14. Offline

    Jinx Community Member

    The nerf was about to come,its even way too late imo... and its not only on you (mesmers). One of the many reasons to (used to) do small scale pvp in WvW on Engi was the confusions... easy win 1v2-3. Thieves were hilarious -burst out of hide -> Elixir S -> Bleed stack + Chill -> Confusion stack -> /dance -> F to loot ur bag. It was suicidal. The guilds that knew that difference was using mesmers exactly for that... to stack confusions.(I get to know VOTF mesmers were specced for that). Mesmers in WvW are not veil or warp bots. Instead of GS run Staff and get almost perma Chaos armor,stuck confusions (and conditions) make enemies suicide bcoz of hitting you.
    The overall nerf was very well placed and based imo.

    No. errr... if you have watched the stream with Xeph and Jon Sharp he (Xeph) asked and they talked about that matter. Generrally Eles builds are focused on the same stuff and thats a way to nerf them. If Eles were played right its like a repetitive combination with a very tiny gaps to counter (rooting the ele for instance) making the Elementalists pretty much unkillable.
    Note that all invulnerable forms were nerfed (locked the right side of the skill bar) imo Eles got their nerf quite well placed and based too.

  15. Offline

    Karasu Community Member

    True, confusion bursts were a very strong WvW build. The nerf might have been a bit too strong but I believe they'll pull up conditions on mesmers overall to get them back a bit.
  16. Offline

    Mattfs Community Member

    I agree for small scale, completely, i actually think nerfing the scepter skill that gave 5 stacks of confusion was a much needed and better nerf. However i don't play wvw for small scale, and yeah some people do, but a lot less than who go around with a guild/zerg. This has hit guild mesmers so hard, decreasing their damage output by more than 50% when specced for confusion. I agree it needed a nerf, but saying it was more than twice as powerful as other stuff is ridiculous.
    Im only speaking from a mesmers viewpoint as thats all ive ran
  17. Offline

    Vissarion Veteran BOON

    I don't say eles dont deserve some nerfs, but the way they are going they are not reducing the real problem.

    Right now all eles are playing D/D, traits 0/10/0/30/30, pve/pvp.
    It's the only viable pick cause every other weapon/traits lucks dps/mobility and they dont do anything to fix this.
    The only complaint that comes from eles are the luck of useful builds.
  18. Offline

    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Actually dps eles in tpvp play 0/20/0/20/30 mostly, while "bunkers" play 0/10/0/30/30. That doesn't change the fact that there is an issue with lack of variety that you're mentioning, since it's only a small variation between the two builds anyway :)

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