Anyone still play ktera?

Discussion in 'TERA' started by quatris, May 10, 2014.

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    quatris Community Member

    Just wondering if anyone is playing ktera anymore since i just recently started playing it. Im level 20 now and looking for a english guild or so. Im on 벨릭의은총 server there only seems to be one other server aswell.
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    tallu Community Member

    i"m pretty sure this is the server i am on lol, find me i'm Tallu
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    quatris Community Member

    ok ill add you to friends my ingame name is quatris. Im usually on whenever im at the pc 방 so hopefully i can catch you on lol..
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    Senpoii Community Member

    Hi I'm on Arun server in KTera... I have applied to the English guild Anime, but no response as of yet... I would love to play with other English players and get some help but also hlep back....
    Feel free to add "Senpoii" on Arun server.

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