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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doodle, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Bluff Community Member

    your post just proves my point, mages dont read their skills :)

    i dont use break-free to counter melee dps i use Flciker (20 sec cool down to break the stun and gtfo from melee range)
    u only need it once, he break-free u do it again, if one member of ur team aoe near him, use "burning bonds" it is instant cast and does not break on damage.
    i didnt mean cleansing i meant using Deny , it will remove the 5 charges instantly

    again, i rarely use break-free, flicker is more than enough to survive from warrior stuns, depending on a 5-min cool down is retarded.

    and once u evade his charge, warrior need to wait 15 sec before he can do that again, in that time u can slow him/snarehim/root him and he will be helpless
    even if he can make it to you, you still didnt pull ur last "i-win card" which is disarming him by casting Burn

    in my mage, i can handle any melee warrior in 1v1, actually i can say they dont have a chance to win if none of my skills got resisted. in warfront i cast mass stun/aoe fire on tanks to keep them stunned, cuz they are dangerous if they kept free to move.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    flicker teleports you to the front. assuming you are facing the enemy, your flicker if used to remove a stun that a warrior jumping on your face will do, will teleport you to the middle of the enemies. Good luck runing from there!

    Anyway all your tactics look good on paper and they're good for 1v1, but when things get hot, mages just die. Like they are supposed to die. But the issue here is not how good of a player one has to be to be able to pull of stunts like escaping from an angry mob using flicker or cc'ing a warrior so he doesnt kill you, or dispelling charges from saboteur.
    (its easy if you see lots of enemies aproaching to turn around and use flicker, IF you dont get stunned before turning around; its easy to cc 1 warrior and keep him controlled IF you're alone against him and you have the lead on the fight; its easy to dispell the charges from sabo IF you have the skills ready and you're not silenced)
    noticed the amount of IF's ? we can say: ah we can do this and we can do that... IF! if things go well, there are no problems at all, now why don't we look at warrior side of the thing ? what can go wrong to a warrior ? i saw warriors in warfronts taking damage from 10 guys and taking more than 6 seconds to go down... hell i saw warriors survive situations like that! That would be ok, since warriors are the "hard as a rock" class, the problem comes when that said warrior can 2~3 hit others... and all that kind of stupid stuff!

    Face it, the problem, like i said before is not on the mage archetype, its on cleric being too weak for pvp play and warrior and rogues being too strong on pvp play!

    ps: the build you posted doesnt have ground of strgnt, you should fix that!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I love how you two are arguing over which build is best for a class that all the builds are OP anyway and your not even playing anymore Specter!!! lol

    Face is, if you love instanced PvP and you didn't play much WoW or you don't mind playing recycled old mechanics with a reskin, then RIFT is probably not too bad a game. But for people who exclusively play MMO's or who do most of their gaming in MMO games, they will not like RIFT due it its lack of innovation as it is quite blatantly a Warhammer Online reskin with the RvR removed and WoW-esque PvE added.

    Since BOON is 99% open world PvP players who spend most of their video game time in MMO games, then expect innovation and new techniques and mechanics in each game they head to, so on both the innovation side of things and the open PvP side of things, RIFT was destined to be a game that BOON would lose interest in very quickly.

    Sad, but true.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Actions speak louder than words,, who's still playing Rift? Pretty much no one.
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    Gwain Community Member

    well, at least you can't fly :)
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    I love instanced pvp, but not the kind where you have to put up with random noobs... That may be nice if you're a casual player, but if you want something more, then you want to have organization and play team vs team games...
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    Bluff Community Member

    when i get stuned i switch the direction of my mouse and teleport to the back, doing it every time

    yeah, that's why warriors seem OP, cuz all they need to do is press 3-4 macros, and mages need to have at least 12 button ready.

    well the build was 66/66 soul point before they update the zam builder with 1.1 patch notes, but now they modified the soul tree of pyromancer abit, so it is 64/66.

    just add the last 2 free soul points to Pyro and u will get GOS.

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