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Feb 21, 2011
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Aug 4, 1974 (Age: 48)

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Fashionably Late as always.. Happy Birthdays Aspira and Doodle..:) :) Nov 26, 2012

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May 25, 2014
    1. Saul
      Fashionably Late as always.. Happy Birthdays Aspira and Doodle..:) :)
    2. Saul
      (a) Why did you do tha Hsulf??? (b) why did I click it?? Dumb :(
    3. Saul
      Apart from the Mr Bean bollocks I thought it was excellent. lol @ French coming out saying, it was too British.
    4. Saul
      As long as they are up tonight :)
    5. Saul
      it is here in Brighton matey, but I aint donating it..
    6. Saul
      I wont come back to SWTOR until it is F2P.
    7. Saul
      Bioware are looking into making it f2p, so they can charge for the content updates, have to do it at some point, best to do it now.
    8. Saul
      So a Month to do music, then Torchlight 2 co-op till GW2 comes out.. Best get in the studio..
    9. Saul
      Nah it's all good, Ive saved it, I just hope I dont need to do a copy pasta prior to the thread going live. :)
    10. Saul
      Ok I spent ages on my app, and now someone competent has fixed it so you cant post... pfft leave KC alone, life is easier that way..
    11. Saul
      @Fizzee Sending my HTC One X back mate.. The screen is awesome, but it's too big a phone, it's like a mini Pad.
    12. Spud
      once the RP campaign is in full swing on the server i am on, (Trask Ulgo) i will have more time for some guilty pleasure alts... yep Agents are massively OP at the moment. I should hit 50 before new ill roll a SI or an agent on Hex and join you for some PvP fun. My loyalty is to my current guild but will be fun to do a few hours PVPing with you every now and then.
    13. Spud
      oi ! what level you on? and how does it feel to sell out to the enemy ? :)

      Got a 44 shadow and 20 commando...... but im not hardocre enough for boon so on a different server keep in touch bud i am here by the way :

      Merry xmas mate hope we get to team up again one day

      1. Saul
        Oi Oi bud.. It feels bad to sell out, but in a good way, my Sniper is fooking awesome, i'm like 26 and out dmg lvl 50's.

        We are on Hex Droid matey. try and re apply once you hit 50 i'm sure you will be fine matey..
        Dec 27, 2011
    14. Alaisy
      Happy Birthday!
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    Aug 4, 1974 (Age: 48)