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Sep 19, 2012
Nov 21, 2010
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Community Member, Male, from Blackpool, England, United Kingdom, 10575251945838

Nice 1 Fizzee Grats on that dude Oct 3, 2011

Agga was last seen:
Sep 19, 2012
    1. Agga
      Nice 1 Fizzee Grats on that dude
    2. Aspira
      Nice to hear from you again dude. Glad your liking the update :P

      They just moved house down at Ronan's and I haven't spoke to him since before the move but afaik, their internet is shit or non existent. Will tell him next time I phone them that your looking from him. Yea I went back and played LotRO too for a while, but got bored and stopped. More exciting stuffs on the horizon anyways dude :P

      Cya soon dude.
      1. Agga
        ye relly looking fwd to the some opf the stuff you've been previewing in Korrea,keep em coming look fwd to each new one you guys do
        Jun 7, 2011
    3. Talisker
      Whats Dragon age 2 like? Need a good solo game as I need a break from MMOs myself and don't want to buy a console.
    4. Talisker
      So are you playing any online games think I'm done with rifts.
    5. Agga
      Hello currently playing a Conjurer in FFXIV (not bad for a F2P) playing with a load of Yanks as its same client for everyone worldwide ,you can find me on the Saronia server or here
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    Blackpool, England, United Kingdom, 10575251945838