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Nov 7, 2010
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Admin Officer, Male

Doing whatever we want... Oct 24, 2013

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Nov 2, 2022
    1. Acina
      Gizmodio, come bash some VOTF (among others) in TERA with us :D
    2. Acina
      Fozia's dreams shattered!!
    3. Acina
      I agree as well Tvar (about the SWTOR era), but I can't be arsed to deal with that sort of thing at present!
    4. Acina
      Hallo :)
    5. Acina
      @Specter yup, the performance is even better as it was free :p
    6. Acina
      Holy shitballs, love the performance of my new GFX card!
    7. Acina
      hmm, does that mean I have to play LoL as well?
    8. Acina
      Aspira, I say before Sunday :p
    9. Serethe
      Hey Fark mate. It's Serethe/Weezel here man. I was randomly watching a Yogscast video and instantly recognised your voice when you came on. Was entertaining to hear your dulcet tones :P. Hope you're doing well man and good to see you're doing so well with Boon. I understand you guys are going to be getting into GW2 in a big way, I'm guessing that means you are too? I'm definitely gonna go batshit on it.
      1. Acina
        hahaha, hey there matey, long time long time! What you been up to? By all means give me a shout in PM or pop on our TS server (details on the site somewhere).
        Mar 24, 2012
    10. xXstainglassXx
      so how did you get on this ... someone said you need a invite and i don't know any people who play this but you guys even though i don't really know you but ya .. it would help me with this situation ... and if there is a possible way you could do that for me i would be very happy .. and maybe i could help you guys with stuff if you wanted
    11. Acina
      So it seems KC farted and it broke the website, well at least that's the official line anyway :)
    12. Acina
      busy busy, site changes incoming!
    13. galo shez
      Hey man! Could you tell me how you were able to buy game time directly from hangame without a Korean credit card? Do you set up a Korean paypal and then transfer USD from your American paypal, then pay hangame? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
      1. TinaKeating1 likes this.
    14. Acina
      60p Chops!
      1. TinaKeating1 likes this.
    15. Acina
      position in the queue, 69!! hmmm....
    16. Acina
      Doodle I'll sell you ur name for 1 money!!
    17. Acina
      I'd like like 4 as well pls M :)
    18. Acina
      Thats coz he's made a flippin Carpark again!!
    19. Acina
      Fricking Catwoman code doesn't work!!!!!!!!! Rage!!!!!!!!.........
    20. Acina
      Was real btw, my housemate speaks Cantonese, pretty harrowing story tbf :(
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