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    Video Game Industry Veterans start a new development studio (Pixyul) and unveils their first game (ReRoll)

    Based in Montreal, Pixyul has been recently founded by Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand who have previously worked on multiple successful franchises from leading video game publisher Ubisoft.

    Today, Pixyul is proud to announce the studio's first game: ReRoll. ReRoll is a survival Action RPG with a fresh take on the genre: a contemporary settings and a true open world playground.

    To develop this game, Pixyul will be using a unique production approach: drone-sourcing. Unlike many games that take place in fictional settings or interpretations of known places, ReRoll premise is the real world.

    Using small civilian drones, like the eBee mini-drone developed by senseFly, a partner of Pixyul, our intention is to drone source and recreate the entire planet one square kilometer at a time. These autonomous drones are equipped with small digital HD cameras and they map out the environment by taking thousands of pictures. These pictures are processed with existing 3D softwares to reconstructs the actual environment as 3D objects. This data and these 3d objects will generate the game's environment or in video game terms, the level design.

    The world of ReRoll is also deeply connected to reality. The Reality System Sync (RSS) connects the real world to ReRoll. Days are 24 hours with day & night cycles, with time set to where your character is in the world. Real life weather systems are connected to the game universe... if it's freezing & snowing for real where your character is... it will in the game.

    ReRoll is the promise of the ultimate Survival Action-RPG in a true open world setting. To subsist, you need to eat, rest, exercise, learn, fight but most of all find all the different ways to survive!

    In ReRoll, your characters are always active in the world. Using the activity tracker directly in the game or via your mobile device, managing your characters time wisely allows you to develop new skills and upgrade your expertise to your liking.

    ReRoll is a very ambitious project; the production is broken down into playable bricks. This way the game will be constantly growing and always releasing new features and real world regions.

    To fund the development of ReRoll, Pixyul launch today a crowdfunding campaign on his website. The game packages you purchase range from access to the game or pre-determine skill set. Pixyulbis reaching out to gamers that wish to have the ReRoll experience, gamers that want to be part of the early process, to be the founders of the ReRoll community.

    By purchasing the different game packages, players, we like to call them Gamer Angels, will be directly funding and impacting the making of ReRoll.

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    Angelo Community Member

    So another game for the DayZ/Rust genre
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    Juggernaught Community Member

    Will be utter shit if they go for the massive scale they are boasting.
    I mean the entire earth as a playing field? Good luck ever encountering another player...
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    adagio Moderator

    Would be great if its 12 player only.

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    Gurtholfin Veteran BOON

    Oh great - I can play in Ireland in the game and play in non stop rain and wind! Just what I always wanted!
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    Mantle Veteran BOON

    welcome to somerset :D
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    Melody Community Member

    not sure if its to good to be true or just another shitty DayZ copy.

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